Are your photos real?
Yes, all the pictures/photos are of me and they are real.

Why do you blur your face?
I do it to protect my privacy – and yours. If we are ever seen together, maybe we are out to dinner, you will never have to worry that one of your colleagues or associates will recognize my face from the internet.

What services do you provide?
I provide a quality ultimate VIP Girlfriend experience. An intense unforgettable encounter. I know how to treat a gentleman and enjoy spending unrushed memorable sensual encounters. 

Do you see couples or work with another girl?
Yes, I do.

Are you available for travel?
Yes, just e-mail me with the details so we can discuss our adventure.

May I call you?
Yes, although email is the quickest way to reach me because of my hectic schedule,  If you do phone me, I ask that you please leave your name, best contact number, date and time you have in mind for our rendezvous, and I will return your call after your verification is complete. To save time, please complete and submit the reservation form along with the best time and number to reach you, and I will contact you within 24hrs or less. I personally check all of my e-mails and messages myself.

Do you ever make exceptions to your security requirements?
There are NEVER exceptions. For discretionary and safety purposes I require screening ALL of my engagements.

How should I prepare for our encounter?
Personal hygiene is extremely important to me, especially oral hygiene and it will make our encounter that much more enjoyable. I respect your time and ask the same of you. Please be prompt for our scheduled date. Please be courteous and contact me if you are running a few minutes late. Please have gift ready in an unsealed envelope.

What are your turn offs?
Poor Hygiene, bad breath, drug use, excessive drinking and ill mannered and disrespectful behavior. Rough behavior along with all of the above is unacceptable and our date will immediately be terminated. 

Here are some guidelines to assure we have an enjoyable and memorable encounter:

1. Please be familiar with my honorariums (gifts). Do not discuss honorariums on the phone, in e-mail or during our date. If you would like to extend our encounter please familiarize yourself with my honorariums so you know how much additional gifts may be required. Let me know toward the end of our encounter and if I can, I will be glad to extend our date.

2. Never count honorarium (gift) in front of me. It is in poor taste. Have gift already counted and placed in a plain unsealed envelope with my name on it. Use a Hallmark card and envelope. Please be discreet. Do not ever hand it to me. Place envelope on the nearest table with your Valid Driver’s License. Do NOT hand it to me. Do NOT make me ask. Be a gentleman. Be discreet and gentlemanly.

3. While on our rendezvous and having fun, time passes quickly. Be aware of the time. Do NOT make me bring it up. I respect and value your time, so be a gentleman and show me you value my time without my having to remind you

4. Avoid explict questions and ungentlemanly e-mails or they will be deleted and all contact will be terminated. Talk of money for sexual favors is an absolute No – No! Don’t do it on the phone, e-mail or on our encounter.

5. After the screening process you will NEVER have to go through it again!

6. Big Turn Off: Please do not ask me a million questions. No questions are best. If I ever say no, I am a lady, please respect that. Time goes by fast so lets enjoy our time together and a memorable encounter…

Haley topless kneeling on bed