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You Can Have a Secret Temporary Girlfriend




Hello Gentleman, my name is Haley St. James. I am a Personal Elite Upscale Companion. Having your own secret, temporary, girlfriend… Have you ever thought of it? Think what it could mean to your life?


You’ve just made partner or got an impressive promotion at work, or just closed on a big deal you’ve been working on for months. Maybe you are a Captain of Industry that took many years and hard work to achieve and now you’ve made it!  You want to celebrate like never before, to blow off steam, to bask in the joy of the moment…


A sexy little girlfriend to play with..


What if you had a temporary secret girl-friend, who can be your confidante, partner in crime, playmate, etc.. A blonde vixen who is lady like and can be very naughty at times… Someone intelligent, cultured, a great conversationalist, yet very soft spoken, sexy and sensuous… And with no strings attached and 100% drama free.. Then I am your perfect Temporary Secret Girlfriend… I can be there for you for the time being, a date for a special occasion or as long as you like and long for me.. Your own little secret friend who understands you and your needs. Someone who is totally focused on pleasing and satisfying you. Someone that knows how to dress for the right occasions and turns heads in a positive way and always makes you look good. The perfect date, your temporary secret girl-friend and much much more.. Someone who is always on your side. Think about it? Life is too short and age is just a number. * Speaking of which.. Will you be visiting Chicago on business? Are you stuck attending a boring Convention/Tradeshow in Chicago? Well, have you made plans and pre-booked a little naughty time just for you? Maybe an interesting dinner companion like me? It’s always exciting to have something adventurous, naughty, etc… to look forward to in life no matter what it is.. I can be your naughty little secret waiting just for you.. at the end of the day after a long boring convention.. Or after a mandatory client dinner after a long day a the convention, we can unwind a bit and forget the day.. What are you waiting for? Spoil yourself and be a little adventurous and a bit naughty.. Or just a little secret casual companionship.. Why wait until the last minute.. I always love having a little secret and something naughty to look forward to.. It always excites me.. (Now I’m blushing.. lol) Always have something naughty, adventurous and exciting to look forward to… Like a naughty tryst with me.. Whether you will be attending a boring business trip, Conference, Convention,, etc., to Chicago.. * or if you live in Chicago.. A little secret naughty adventure keeps your life exciting and trust me ” it’s a total rush” that makes your heart beat a little faster anytime or day of the week! What is life if you don’t live it?  Live your life by your own rules.. Like the unforgettable Old Blue Eyes Frankie.. I’m quoting  “And I did it my Way”.. 

Did you ever think of being the hero starring in your own personal James Bond adventure? If you think about it, you really are a hero considering, all the things you do in life for other people everyday.. *You can plan your escape with me: “Your Secret Temporary Girlfriend” every Wednesday afternoon or whatever day you choose”, on those special occasions or just because..


A secret little girlfriend for rejuvenation.


You can spice up your routine and add zest to your life. Recharge those batteries. Perk up your energy level. Just let me be your sexy little secret. Let me shower you with the TLC you deserve.


Sometimes you’ll want to celebrate your life during great times. Other times you’ll need comforting when the pressure is too high. I can be the reliable temporary companion you turn to.


Replace your ordinary routine with an exciting encounter.


No strings attached. I’ll be your temporary secret girlfriend who’s there when you need me. Hours before we meet, as you anticipate our time together, I’ll make your heart beat a little faster. Maybe a little like when you were going on your first date.


We can stay in for a cozy, romantic evening. Or we can go out and kick up our heels together. I’m there to offer you a  sexy, romantic tryst when you need me and an escape from your routine. Together we’ll make your fantasies become your reality.


It will be like a return to your lost youth.


Maybe you had this kind of fun when you were young, but lost it. Maybe you were too busy working hard and preparing for your success. In either case, you now have a chance to recapture what you miss.


Love and kisses,
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